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Pemba Island

Pemba Island

Pemba Island

Pemba Island the northernmost Island of the archipelago.

Pemba Island is recommended for serious divers and nature lovers and honeymooners.

Pemba Island

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Pemba Island -5.320705, 39.704590

Also supposedly rumored a University of Juju exists on Pemba Island if you believe all that stuff 0:), you have been warned on all counts.

After all Pemba Island already has under water hotel rooms!!!

Pemba Island

Pemba Island

Have read somewhere that in the olden days Pemban’s used to go to Haiti to learn but these days Haitan’s come to Pemba to learn these dark arts…

Pemba Island

Pemba Island

What more can I say!!! You do not believe it Juju, well seeing is believing, welcome to Pemba Island.

Known as the ‘Green Island’, the lush, tropical island of Pemba is charming and enchanting.

Pemba Island

Pemba Island

Clove plantations, rice fields, hilly terrain, green valleys and palm fringed beaches make it a land of variety and contrasts.

The Pemba Channel offers excellent opportunities for fishing and diving.

A real nature lovers paradise, bird watchers will be well rewarded!!

pemba island

pemba island

Pemba Island is still the world’s major clove producer, but has now slipped into its more traditional role of being an Island Paradise with small inter-island trade.

Chake wharf is now mainly used for swimming & fishing.

Pemba was seized by the Sultan of Muscat (now Oman) in the 17th century.

He was so enchanted by the Spice Islands that he installed himself in Zanzibar and ruled Muscat from there.

When the Western Colonial powers came to East Africa the British forced the Sultanates of Muscat and Zanzibar to separate and then administered the Spice Islands in the name of the Sultan.

All the while, the Arab dhows would ply the trade winds down from the Arabian Peninsula to
East Africa.

With the winds they would take cloves to India, textiles back to the Arab lands
and silver and wood to the Spice Islands of Unguja and Pemba.

The Dhows have remained a constant throughout the history of Pemba.

To this day they ply the run from Wete to Shimoni in Kenya and, when the winds are favorable they plough through to Northern Mozambique.

Pemba Island

Pemba Island

Pemba is a magical island.

Unlike Unguja, Pemba is hilly.

Gentle, undulating hills and deep verdant valleys are all covered with a dense cover of clove, coconut and mango plantations.

A more fertile land it is difficult to imagine then Pemba.

But it is not just the landscape that gives Pemba its magical reputation.

For centuries Pemba Island has held a reputation as a center for the juju traditions of medicine and magic.

There certainly is a strange atmosphere on Pemba Island.

How can so beautiful a place be so devoid of visitors ?

On an island with a population of 300,000 there can rarely be more than a couple of dozen foreigners.

It is as if the people of Pemba have a secret that they refuse to let go.

That is not to say that the people here are not friendly.

pemba island

pemba island

Traveling in Pemba is like traveling in unknown territory.

In the countryside, villagers are eager to talk to passers-by and small children cry at the sight of a muzungu – (white man)

In town, market stallholders call you over and sit you down to try their different fruits, laughing hysterically at your reaction.

The down side about traveling in Pemba is the lack of infrastructure and facilities.

The visitor simply has to be prepared to ‘rough it’, unless staying at one of only a few decent accommodations.

The only guesthouses on Pemba are at Mkoani, Chake Chake and Wete.

All are very small, modest and with basic facilities.

Food must be bought at the local markets and shops. Generally the only place to eat out is at the local stalls or at one of the few guesthouses.

Transport is limited to a few taxis, private cars and the public bus service.

Beyond this, walking is the only option, unless you have arranged pre-booked transfers.

What to see on Pemba Island:

Giant Bats……..
Chwaka Ruins
Harouni Site
The Old Site Tumbe
Mazrui Site
Ras Mkumbuu Ruins
Msuka Mjini Ruins
Kichokochwe Ruins
Mkame Ndume / Pujini Ruins
Misali Island
Ngezi Forest
Virgin Grave Beaches

The big game fishing in the Pemba channel is as good as it gets, with a record breaking catch of a giant travally.

There are no less than 6 varieties of Billfish in the Pemba Channel, huge sharks (Mako, Tiger, Hammerhead to name a few), tuna, large wahoo, King fish, Dorado, barracuda, giant travally plus many others.

Close to shore along the west coast, immediately off Pemba’s beaches, regular catches include rainbow runners, bonito, kingfish, barracuda and wahoo.

In peak Marlin season, the billfish and tunas move right up to the coast line making Pemba very interesting for fishing enthusiasts.

All big game charters must be booked in advance, for a minimum of 3 days.

Costs are about $800 per day, depending on which charter boat is available.

Each boat will fish a maximum of 4 people. We can also prove motor boat or canoe trawling, in a comfortable shaded boat, 2 experienced crews, rods and tackle.

Spices, Kangas, Kitenges, traditional paintings and other local handicrafts crafts are well worth buying.

Mouth watering seafood delicacies are on offer at local restaurants.

Hotels and Resorts on Pemba Island

Other Pemba Island Resorts and Hotels:

manta reef pemba island

fundu lagoon pemba island

Pemba Lodge-  $165 per person per night and this includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, soft drinks, kayaking, snorkeling and all government taxes.

pemba island flight

pemba island flight

Zanzibar, Unguja, Tanzania

50 Things + To Do and See in Zanzibar, Unguja

50 Things + To Do and See in Zanzibar, Unguja

50 Things + To Do and See in Zanzibar, Unguja

50 Things + To Do and See in Zanzibar, Unguja

This list of things to do in Zanzibar only pertains to the island of Unguja.

1. Take a Ride on a Dhow – Traditional Sailboat

The traditional sailboats are called dhow’s. Hire a sailboat to enjoy a Zanzibar style cruise on the Indian ocean!

Take a Ride on a Dhow

Highly recommend the Safari Blue Experience

2. Jozani Forest

Small adventures can be arranged through travel agents around Zanzibar to see birds and the famous Red Colobus monkeys that centrally dwell in the Jozani forest.

3. Jaws Corner Coffee Shop

Jaws Corner coffee shop in Stone Town is the ultimate place to drink a few cups of black coffee, chat with others and contemplate plans for the rest of the day.

4. Beit El-Ajaib (House of Wonders)

Built by Sultan Barghash as a ceremonial palace, the House of Wonders is now the Zanzibar National Museum. Not the most exciting museum, but it is a decent place to learn some of the history of the island archipelago.

Open 9 am – 6 pm Mon – Fri, 9 am – 3 pm Sat and Sun
Adults – 5000 TSH

5. Old Fort

The Old Fort was build by Omani’s in order to protect against the Portuguese. Now it is part of the Zanzibar Cultural Center and also offers a number of curio shops on the inside of the fort walls.

Zanzibar Old Fort

6. Spice Tour

A tourist oriented tour, yet it shows spices grown on the islands of Zanzibar like cloves, vanilla, nutmeg and all kinds of natural flavors everyone adores! Interesting tours that can be arranged at most hotels or tour agencies.

7. Zanzibar Pizza

Unlike any pizza you’ve ever had, this Zanzibari creation is more like a stuffed roti. Basic composition includes pastry dough filled with an egg and handful of pizza-like ingredients and then fried up in oil and margarine…TASTY!

8. Slave Market

From 1830 – 1873 it is estimated that around 600,000 slaves were traded from East Africa to Persia, Arab countries and Indian Ocean Islands. Today the old slave market is a solemn reminder.

9. Shop for Souvenirs and Antiques

Stone Town is full of curio stores and antique shops selling a huge supply of African handicrafts as well as unique gifts from Zanzibar. Zanzibar style wooden chests are among my favorites!

10. Zanzibar Butterfly Center

The Zanzibar Butterfly Center features a great display of butterflies in a beautiful tropical environment. For more information visit their official website.

11. Darajani Market

Located on the edge of old Stone Town, Darajani market is a great local market to enjoy local sounds, smells, and flavors of local life.

12. Old Arab Ruins

Located all over the island of Zanzibar with a few sites close to Stone Town are historical ruins. Mbweni, Mtoni Palace, Maruhubi Palace and a series of old Persian baths make good historical day trips around Zanzibar.

13. Prison Island / Changuu Island

A 30 minute boat ride from Stone Town will get you to Prison Island Zanzibar. A quiet resort, a haven of giant tortoises and the old prison ruins make it a decent day trip.

A boat should cost $30 – $40 and can fit up to 12 people or so. There is an island park charge of $4 per person. One can easily arrange a ½ day trip including snorkeling from a hotel or tour agency.

Things to do in Zanzibar – Prison Island

14. Lukmaan Restaurant

Popular by locals and tourists searching for some of Stone Town’s best food,Lukmaan Restaurant serves a menu that isn’t far from perfection. Coconut vegetables, roasted bananas, stews, pilau and biryani, can all be washed down with some fresh passion or tamarind juice. Lukmaan is a must!

15. Beit El-Sahel (Palace Museum)

What was once the palace of the sultan, is now a museum displaying his role on Zanzibar.

16. Old Dispensary

It was quite quiet the time I went in, but it is a very nicely preserved building, nice to see from the outside and have a quick wander around the interior.

17. Livingstone House

A house where David Livingstone stayed as well as many European missionaries spent time before setting off into continental Africa. Nowadays it is an interesting house to see and has become the office of Zanzibar Tourist Corporation.

18. Shakti Temple

An old Hindu temple catering mostly to the Indian community within the maze of alleys in Stone Town.

19. Mishkaki Skewers

Marinated skewers of succulent chicken and beef grilled over charcoal is a flavor to look forward to when visiting Zanzibar.

20. Kidichi Persian Baths

Located just outside of Stone Town, the Kidichi baths were originally built by Sultan Said and used for freshening up and relaxing.

21. Bwejuu Beach Village

Bwejuu is a small Zanzibari village located on the East coast of Unguja island. The town is known for fishing and the harvesting of seaweed. The people are friendly and the lanky swaying palms induce an attitude of relaxation.

Things To Do in Zanzibar – Bwejuu Beach, Zanzibar

22. Zanzibar Anglican Cathedral

Right next to the old slave market in Stone Town is the first Anglican Cathedral in East Africa.

Admission: 1000 TSH
Hours: 8 am – 6 pm Mon – Fri, Still hold Sunday morning services

23. St. Josephs Cathedral

The Cathedral was built in French architectural style by French missionaries. The steeples are a prominent part of the skyline of Stone Town.

Things to do in Zanzibar – St. Josephs Cathedral

24. Kiwengwa Caves

A trek through the wet forested reserve and a guided visit to the Kiwengwa caves is a fun thing to do in Zanzibar.

25. Drink Ginger Coffee

Black coffee with a tinge of ginger is a special drink in Zanzibar. The coffee is served sugarless, but people nibble on sweet peanut brittle to sweeten everything up! Babu serves an excellent cup of ginger coffee in the late afternoon on the wall of the Old Fort in Stone Town.

26. Deep Sea Fishing

Off the coast of Zanzibar are a few amazing spots in the deep sea for fishing. Various companies offer deals for snagging the big bites! Check out fishing Zanzibar and Zanzibar fishing.

27. Eat Zanzibari Pilau and Biryani

Don’t miss out on the Zanzibari food specialties of biryani and pilau – and don’t forget to judge for yourself which is better!

Things To Eat in Zanzibar – Biryani, Pilau

28. Make a Durian Pit-stop

If you are passionate about the king of fruits (Durian), you may be ecstatic when you bump into the precious fruit on the island of Zanzibar!

29. Refreshing Sugar Cane Juice

Squeezed on the streets of Zanzibar with a hint of lime and ginger, sugar cane juice is ultimately refreshing on a hot sweaty day. Drinking ginger sugar cane juice is one of the things to do in Zanzibar to keep you refreshed and feeling great!

30. Nungwi – Northern Coast

Located at the Northern tip of Zanzibar island lies the sleepy town of Nungwi. It’s Northern location avoids tide changes, so swimming in the sparkling waters is possible all day long!

Things to do in Zanzibar – Northern Coast

31. Forodhani Gardens

Among my favorite things to do in Zanzibar is visit the Forodhani Gardens for street food on the waters edge of Stone Town. In the evening, locals gather to spend time relaxing and eating a large selection of grilled seafood.

Note: For the freshest food, choose to eat where there is more of a local crowd and line of people.

Zanzibar Attractions – Forodhani Gardens

32. Paje Water Sports

A beautiful turquoise beach with opportunities for all sorts of water sports makes Paje a pristine paradise and great place to stay.

33. Old Hamamni Persian Baths

Unfortunately, the baths are no longer in use, but it is still worth a visit to Zanzibar’s first public bath facility.

34. Passing Show Restaurant

Another popular dining establishment located in the Malindi area of Stone Town is at the Passing Show Hotel eatery. There’s a fine selection of some of Zanzibar’s finest specialties and a cabinet full of interesting baked goods.

35. Swim with Dolphins – Kizimkazi

Dolphin tours are available from most tourist offices around Zanzibar. In the ocean,swimming with dolphins is an experience to cherish and one of the most thrilling things to do in Zanzibar!

36. Pet the Giant Tortoises

Originally a gift from the Seychelles, the giant tortoises are located on Prison Island Zanzibar. Though riding the hard shelled animals is no longer permitted, the tortoises took me back to the age of dinosaurs!

37. Former High Court

The old High Court is a beautiful colonial style building built with an Islamic design and Moorish arches. The aging of the structure has added to it’s beauty!

38. Kendwa Beach

A personal favorite destination of mine is the village of Kendwa. The lifestyle and laid-back atmosphere of Kendwa is unparalleled.

Sunsetting at Kendwa

39. Football / Volleyball on the Beach

There’s no better feeling in the late afternoon than running around on the powdery sand while playing beach football or volleyball.

Or go watch a local football match.

40. Relax

Put on an attitude of relaxation, this is the island of Zanzibar!

Relaxing in Zanzibar

41. Bi Hola Ruins, Bungi

42. Miza Miza Caves Kizimkazi

43. Mwangapwani Slave Caves and Chambers

44. Botanic Country Resort, Tunguu, discotheques, nightlife and entertainment

45. Zanzibar by Bike

46. Golf Range Practice

47. Snorkling and Scuba Diving

48. Try some Palm Wine or local gongo…..



50 Things + To Do and See in Zanzibar, Unguja