Botanic Country House Zanzibar Tunguu Spacious Double Room



Botanic Country House Zanzibar Tunguu Spacious Double Room

Spacious Double Room in the Botanic Country House 10 miles out of Stone Town surrounded by nature, trees and small wildlife, set on over 20 acres of virgin land.

Quite peaceful countryside surrounded by nature, trees and small wildlife, set on over 20 acres of virgin land. Situated in the heart of Zanzibar, just 14 km good tarmac away from the Stone Town and within easy access of tour routes and the main beaches on all Zanzibar’s coasts.

Being part of over 20 acres land, our location has small wildlife is plentiful on the plot with a large area reserved for it. Bush Babies, Black Colobus Monkeys and a second type of monkey know as kima, Birdlife, Bushbuck- small, Squirrels, Ferrets, Buku- Giant Bush rat, Python and various snakes, monitor lizard, Butterflies, Praying Mantis, Bats, to mention a few not to forget domestic animals such as cows, goats, chickens and ducks, dogs and cats. We probably are the only ones with such a large variety of wildlife on our plot outside official nature reserve areas such as Chwaka-Jozani.

We are located in an almost MOSQUITO FREE environment……… and you certainly do not have to worry about any Tsunami…… Our gardens welcomes you with the fragrance of the `Queen of the Night´ and is an ideal place for those wishing to totally relax away from all of the days stresses with the natural sounds of bird-life. It is an Oasis, a pit-stop to refresh on the long way to adventures further across the Island.

Botanic Country House Zanzibar Tunguu Spacious Double Room

Sleeps 2 person and even more. Nightly rate is $15.- USD Weekly Rate is $90.- USD Monthly Rate is $300.- USD

Botanic Country House Zanzibar Tunguu Spacious Double Room

The Botanic Country house has its own seperate garden breakfast lounge, kitchen and B.B.Q under the stars. The Botanic Country House has in the vicinity 2 bars, 2 restaurants, with beers garden – bar BQ set up serving local and international dishes. A holiday home and an open-air outdoor music and cinema hall for conferences, parties and other functions. Service is always with a smile from this affordable German/Tanzanian, managed Country Resort cum Club very popular with the locals and the expatriate community.

Services: The services included on the site are:-

Water: It is connected from Tunguu Botanic borehole. These are three boreholes, two are in use while one is not in use, on top they are covered with welded metal doors.

Electricity: One phase and three phase separate meters line connected to the national grid.

Interaction with Guests As much as they like we speak fluent Kiswahili too if they wish to learn, also speak some German being of mixed race German/Tanzanian. Host is also an experienced alternative medicine consultant.

Botanic Country House is also an ideal place to mix with the locals. Cosmopolitan mixture of locals, Muslims and Christians living in harmony, local Zanzibarians and mainlanders, freindly and safe area close to the State University of Zanzibar.

This is the new town of Zanzibar with the small houses of parliament and the United Republic of Tanzania Vice Presidents Offices and Residence as neighbors. 10 miles (20 minutes) out of Stone Town on the main road to the East and South Coasts (30 minutes away) , direction Jozani Forest (15 minutes away).

Car hire is available at $35.- USD a day, motorbike hire $25.- USD a day, local buses-daladalas cost less cost less than $0.50.- USD to Stone Town and $1.10.- USD to the East and South Coasts.

Our location ensures you privacy (due to the island culture privacy is a great benefit) which is not available in the Stone Town.

We are reachable from every corner of the island with minimal road transfer times due to our central location.

From the Stone Town 14 km                                                       20 minute leisure drive

From the East Coast Paje Bwejuu                                              30 minute leisure drive

From the South East Coast Jambiani                                         45 minutes leisure drive

From East Coast Peninsula Ras Michamvi                                45 minutes leisure drive

From Chwaka From Uroa                                                            45 minutes leisure drive

From Jambiani South Coast                                                        45 minutes leisure drive

From Makunduchi South Coast                                                 45 minutes leisure drive

From Kiwengwa North East Coast                                             45 minutes leisure drive

From West Coast Bububu                                                           45 minutes leisure drive

From North Coast Nungwi/Matemwe                                       60 minutes leisure drive

We have a wider variety of services in one place and the environment is unspoiled.

Botanic Country House Zanzibar Tunguu Spacious Double Room

Location and Locality: The property is located at Tunguu in Central District of Zanzibar on northern side about 100 meters off the main road to Bungi immediately after the Parliament block office.

These houses are situated on south side close with the Tunguu Botanic Resort, Taarab Square, walking distance from SUZA, the State University of Zanzibar and the Vice Presidents offices and residences.

Also in the vicinity is the Regional Commissioners officers, Regional Immigration Headquarters, this is the new up and coming city of Zanzibar.

Botanic Country House

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Botanic Country House -6.197984, 39.312301
Botanic Country House Zanzibar Tunguu Spacious Double Room


General Description of the property: It is a single storey self contained building, used as a residence.

Construction details: Roofs are gable and monopitched type covered with corrugated iron sheets and plastic corrugated sheets on mangrove poles, treated timber and tubular bars trusses, purlins and rafters.

Ceiling is of plywood smoothly painted varnish. Some areas are not provided.

Walls are coral stone, sand and cement mortar with partition of sand cement blocks, internally plastered, painted and fitted with ceramic tiles in wet areas, externally plastered and painted while tubular pipe columns and beams applied to the kitchen fine covered with coconut rope.

Doors are of hardwood match boarded type with single and double shutters finely painted varnish.

Welded metal doors fitted on sensitive area single and double leafs. Windows are wooden casement type fitted with dead glass on top side, mosquito gauze, wire mesh and ant burglar bars on lower part. Same provided ventilation. Floor finished with ceramic tiles throughout.

Accommodation details:

The property accommodates the followings: 3 extra large rooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, sitting room, semi outdoor kitchen area, swimming pool, unlimited parking space, hot and cold water, electricity, generator, with or without furniture, internet, DstV, security, gardens with fruit and vegetables and all other household help is available.

1no. Self Contained bed room with WC European Type, water heater and hand wash basin.

2nos. Common bed room

1no. Common Toilet WC European type, water heater, shower trough and hand wash basin.

1no. Sitting Room 1no. Kitchen

1no. Dining Room 2nos. Open yard Rear veranda Passages

Schedule of areas: On gross external floor area analysis (G.E.A) the property has an area as follows:-

Main Area 219.45sqm Kitchen/Dining 66.39sqm Open Yard 82.09sqm Rear veranda 31.20sqm Passages 12

Botanic Country House Zanzibar Tunguu Spacious Double Room


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